Welcome to Restore Independence!


Restore Independence, a division of Living Homes Inc., has been helping homeowners create beautiful solutions to improve accessibility and independence within their homes for over a decade.

We strive to give you, or your loved one, greater independence and safety in the home you love.

Our evaluation of your home environment will help us understand where modifications would improve your ability to manage your daily activities better. Based on your feedback and our observation of your home and routines, we might suggest a single change or a variety of changes. Our goal is to encourage aging in place: helping you live with increased safety, greater ease and confidence in your home.

Some of the solutions we frequently implement include:

  • Improving shower accessibility by installing roll-in showers or ramps into your shower
  • Reducing fall risk
  • Elevating toilets
  • Installing grab bars
  • Installing secure shower bench
  • Adding a second handrail to stairways
  • Adding threshold ramps at the entrance and throughout the home
  • Install non-skid surfaces for ramps
  • Widening doorways
  • Installing wood or aluminum ramps
  • Ensuring that laundry, pet care, and other common activities are easier and safer
  • Replacing doorknobs with easy-to-use levers style door knobs
  • Please see theĀ How We Help page for more examples of how we can help you


All home modifications are done with adherence to ADA Certification needs and requirements and local building codes.

When custom results are needed to allow for aging in place, you can count on our care and expertise to identify an effective solution.

We look forward to serving you!