Who We Are

A warm welcome from owner Lisa Cole, PMP

Founder Lisa Cole, PMP, a general contractor who is internationally certified in project management, brings almost two decades of experience in construction projects and more than a decade of experience in modifying homes for older adults and individuals who have mobility, vision or hearing challenges.

Lisa was a busy general contractor, focused on new construction, structure remodels, and creating developments through her company Living Homes, Inc., which Lisa started in 2003. In 2008, her grandparents started having some vision and mobility issues. Her family and her were really at a loss as to what they really needed or what was available in the marketplace to help them. She found it a struggle to find solutions to help her grandparents remain independent and safely in the home they loved, Our of this Restore Independence was born. It became her passion to help people live at home safer and to be able to stay there as long as possible.

The services they provide include looking at the main activities that happen every day like doing laundry, talking on the telephone, taking care of mail, preparing meals, bathing and taking care of your pets. We look at each of those options from a standpoint of visibility, mobility and hearing limitations. Then we create a plan that can be implemented now, if your needs are current, or in the future, if you find you need extra support later. The biggest thing she has found that causes stress for people as they age is the fear of what they don’t know, what is going to happen and how they will handle it. Having this plan in place has drastically reduce people’s stress by being able to offer this plan for them in advance.

As a general contractor, she is a little different than other general contractors because she is internationally certified in project management—that’s the “PMP” certification you see next to her name. She is adamant about the importance of communication and planning and budgeting up front. Her whole team implements these best practices in every project they do. They truly listen to the limitations or the tasks people struggle with so they can solve the actual issues the customer is experiencing. They know that everybody lives a little differently and everybody has a little different functionality and mobility. They choose to focus on each customer’s individual needs and desires.

Additionally, they plan out every detail of the project up front so everybody knows exactly what it’s going to look like when it is completed. In turn, that really helps us to be able to finish on time and on budget. It also allows the customer to know exactly what he or she is getting so they are happy when we finish.

The Restore Independence team

We choose our teams as carefully for you as we would for our own family. Our staff is a collection of caring, customer service professionals and expert artisans including ramp-builders, tile experts, lighting professionals, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, and customer service professionals. All our staff have experience working with customers with physical limitations which allows us to help solve the limitations you are experiencing. We’re all here to serve you!

Lisa would love to arrange a time to discuss what you need in order to live safely and more independently at home. Please give her a call at 615-566-8182, or you can email her at MayWeHelpYou@RestoreIndependence.com. We look forward to serving you!