How We Help

Creating a safer environment for you or your loved one is our passion. We pledge to treat you as we would treat our own family.
We are passionate about bringing you creative designs and solutions, coupled with a strong work ethic and competitive pricing. We listen to your needs and create a unique plan to help you, or your loved one, to safely live in your home. We deliver accurate and timely quotes with superior quality and outstanding customer service.

Here are some common solutions we provide:

Wooden Ramps

For clients looking for a permanent solution for entering and exiting their home, a wooden ramp is your best choice. These ramps can be custom designed to match the appearance of your home.We offer many different configurations of wooden ramps. Each ramp is designed for its specific location. Code requires 1’ of ramp for every inch of height from the start of the ramp to the end of the ramp. For ramps that will be off the ground less than 30” can have handrail solutions, which are three 2×4 going from post to post. However, for ramps that will be off the ground more than 30 inches will require 2×2 spindles. However, guardrails can be used on any ramp for a more aesthetically pleasing solution, as this picture shows. This customer wanted to leave their existing steps usable so we built the ramp next to the existing steps.

Temporary Aluminum Ramps

If you are looking for a temporary or portable ramp, then an aluminum ramp may be your best bet. There are many different aluminum ramp solutions available. These can be installed onto your home quickly, and when your need is over, they can be removed, restoring your entry way to its current condition. The ramp shown here is a temporary ramp and can be setup and removed within a couple hours.

Portable Aluminum Ramps

Because not every location you will be visiting will be easily accessible, our portable ramps are a perfect solution. Certain ramps are so portable, the can easily fit in a car’s trunk. This makes it easy for a traveling companion to deploy a ramp and make your traveling more accessible.

Interior Door Ramps

Most exterior doors have a lip at the door. We offer black rubber ramps to be laid up to the door threshold to make it easier to get over the threshold.

Shower Ramps

When a temporary roll-in shower solution is needed, this shower ramp system is great for making your shower accessible.

Roll In Shower

A custom Roll-in Shower is the best choice for a permanent showering solution. We offer many different barrier free solutions for roll-in showers including fiberglass and tile

Wet Room

Some customers have a need for the whole bathroom to become a wet room. These wet rooms require that the walls and floor areas are tiled. There are generally 2 drains, one for the bathroom area and one for the shower area.
The picture on the left is a custom floor solution using 12 inch tiles. Notice the drain for the shower and the drain for the bathroom area.

Shower Benches

We provide several choices of shower benches that will fit your space and your needs. This shower bench was added to an existing shower. We removed some of the existing tiles, installed proper support in the wall, fixed the tile back to match what was already there and then installed the bench. Benches are available in junior, adult and bariatric options.

Grab Bars

We offer many different grab bar solutions. We stock many standard size grab bars. We also offer custom sizes, colors and configurations of grab bars. Below are some pictures of some unique toilet grab bar solutions.
The picture on left is the drop down grab bar solution with the bars installed into the wall. The left grab bar is in the up position while the right grab bar is in the down position.
The picture on right is a grab bar solution for the toilet that attaches at the same location as your existing toilet seat. This toilet also has a riser installed to convert the existing toilet to an ADA height toilet.

Walk In Tub

A walk in tub is a great choice when your loved one would prefer taking a bath over a shower.

This is a before and after solution of a walk-in tub we installed for one of our customers.

Door Widening

Standard door widths often make it difficult to fit walkers and wheel chairs through doorways. We widen doorways in your house and make them blend into the existing architecture. In the first picture, the customer of this home lived in a new home, so we were able to match up the existing hardwoods and tile when we widened this bathroom door. In the second picture we widened this doorway the bathroom floor was vinyl and there was carpet in the bedroom. Since we could not add to the existing flooring we used a red oak threshold to cover up the missing floor sections.


As we age, stairs become more of a challenge. We can add Railings on one or both sides of steps and stairways to provide extra safety and support for an easy and effective solution.


We understand that when life changes happen we are often at a loss for what our loved one needs. We will come to your home and do an assessment to help you figure out all the items they may need to consider.

Custom Solutions

At Restore Independence we can develop a custom solution that fits your needs. It is often the small details that most would overlook, that’s makes your experience with us exceptional. Above, you can see how we created an overhanging counter-top so our client, Rodney, could work easily in his kitchen.

General Construction

These are just a few examples of homes we have built.